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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

What Just Happened? I feel like I blinked and two years went by. Contrarily, I also feel like it's been the longest two years of my life. Confusing? Sure, just like everything else we've been through since the beginning of 2020....and still going through if we're being honest. It's March 2022, and is this pandemic over? Is it something we have to learn to live with? Who the hell knows? Does it even matter anyway? We have way more important things to worry about, like Will Smith slapping the s#*% out of Chris Rock at the Oscars!! (Sorry, I really couldn't resist. I actually edited my post to include this gem). A little more important than that though, I don't know if people even realize this, but we're facing an impending and far more deadly threat than Covid19! Chemical warfare!! Possible World War 111 because of one man's hunger for power! And don't for a second think it can't or won't happen. For many, this crisis is just something happening in Europe and has nothing to do with them, completely oblivious to the big picture. If this war really happens, and we better pray it doesn't, it'll be a global disaster. But I digress. Hiatus I made the decision to pause writing my blog about my own journey with Crohn's Disease when the pandemic started. We were being bombarded with a continuous flood of evolving and frightening information. I figured everyone was already suffering from information overload, and was totally overwhelmed, so why add to it? For more than two years, we've all just been trying to figure out how to stay alive and well, so, I just stopped posting. Then I got lazy, but I prefer to call it uninspired, I'm still feeling that way a little if I'm being honest. This pandemic and now the war in Ukraine is seriously messing with my mojo. I also had a couple of fairly serious and scary medical (non-covid) crises myself during that time (more on those at a later date). So, for me, like so many others, these two years have been mentally and physically challenging. I decided, before getting back on my journey, to use this post to get a few things off my chest. It's about the pandemic, yes, but more specifically, about what it has revealed about human beings as a whole, and why I feel this profound sense of disappointment and sadness. Choices Haters are going to hate, and what I say next will probably ruffle some feathers, but that's okay. This is my personal opinion and observations. Everyone's entitled to their own. I'm not here trying to change anyone's mind, nor looking for anyone to change mine about the "facts" about Covid19. I've heard it all! people have been brainwashed and duped by the government, it's hype by the media, it's been blown out of proportion by the doctors, it's just a regular flu, it only affects old or sick people, the statistics are wrong (there is probably some truth to that because of flaws in the system, no doubt). Full disclosure, I've been doubled vaccinated and boosted (so 3 shots) which was entirely my decision because I'm considered high-risk. I believed it was in my best interest, after all, Crohn's Disease is an autoimmune illness. What that means is that my compromised immune system probably isn't capable of fighting off this virus and any of the subsequent variants. This is the reason I was given the Prevnar Pneumonia shot (which is effective for life) many years ago, and take yearly flu shots. Despite all this, I'm fully aware that there are no guarantees, I could still get the flu, pneumonia, or Covid19. There are no guarantees in life for ANYONE against ANY ILLNESS! Vaccines are not cures, they're preventative measures, something many people can't seem to understand. Trust Issues…People I know that there is widespread mistrust about the Covid19 vaccines for all kinds of reasons, some understandable, some just silly, and some downright ludicrous. I also understand the distrust of the government with their hidden agendas and motives, and inconsistent directives, but lord have mercy, the conspiracy theories about embedding computer chips and mind control, tracking people, and deliberately getting people infected through vaccination!!! SERIOUSLY??!! If you're interested, you can check out some myths and facts about the Covid19 vaccines by clicking on this link In all honesty, no one knows with absolute certainty if ALL the information we've been fed is true or fake news because politicians are generally self-serving, notorious liars. However, as a general rule, the same cannot be said of scientists and doctors, at least not in my experience. And I've had A LOT of experience with all kinds of healthcare professionals over my lifetime. After all, I gave over complete control of the care and well-being of my health to my medically qualified caregivers since I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, almost thirty two years ago. I have them to thank for keeping me alive and functional to this day. That's the reason I decided to trust the science and medical experts. So yeah, I'll be listening to them instead of taking advice from google-educated experts, conspiracy theorists, and unqualified naysayers who suddenly think they're Biochemists and Virologists. Trust Issues….Drugs You keep hearing people say that they don't trust these vaccines because they don't know what's in them and what the side effects are. Really? We don't even know what's in the food we eat, the water we drink, or the air we breathe either! So unless you're living in the wild, eating berries, and drinking real spring water, you should be more concerned about that. But, let's get some perspective here, shall we? One of the first things I was told by my doctors many, many years ago is that ALL DRUGS can potentially have side effects, even the mild over the counter ones. Anything not produced by your body can be rejected by your body, so it's possible to have an adverse reaction despite all the extensive trials and testings. It can be mild, severe, or anything in between. Have you ever read that blindingly tiny-print insert that comes inside the box containing your meds, or goggled the names of the components and side effects of your prescription drugs? Most of us can't even pronounce the names of the drugs! There is always a long list of possible "Adverse Reactions", everything from a simple rash, to paralysis, to miscarriage, or death! Yet we happily take them because the doctor said they're safe and they'll make you better. Then this pandemic hits and suddenly doctors all over the world are not to be trusted when they say the vaccines are safe. I bet some of the people who refuse to be vaccinated are still taking their meds for diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, migraine, cancer or whatever without any hesitation. I've personally, willingly taken all kinds of questionable prescribed drugs, even some experimental ones, just for a chance to live to see another day, or to even feel better for a few weeks. My point is that these vaccines are no different from any of the other drugs you've taken before, and any you may take in the future. I was trusting my doctors and fighting just to keep myself alive and well for the people who cared about me. This pandemic is about fighting and trusting the medical experts to keep each other alive and well as best we can. Human Nature Disasters usually bring out the best and worst in people, and the Covid19 Pandemic is no different. I firmly believe that our true nature emerges when we're under pressure, when our core values and humanity are put to the test. And boy, have we ever been put to the test these past two years! It was so gratifying to see that the majority of people passed the test with flying colours, displaying a sense of duty and community, responsibility, and selflessness. Sadly, it was very disappointing that so many of our fellow humans failed miserably, choosing self in the guise of "Rights" and "Freedom of Choice" over community and country. I don't know why people even believe we have that anyway. We all live governed by rules and regulations deemed necessary by the government and society every single day of our lives whether we like it or not (but that's another Pandora's Box to be opened at a later date). The worst of all in this pandemic are those soulless people who deliberately took advantage of the situation and the vulnerable for personal gain and profit. That's just unforgivable. For me, this has been an eye opening experience. I've always been an optimistic, positive thinking, glass-half-full kind of person, but I feel changed by all that I've seen and experienced during these truly difficult couple of years. I'm left with such feelings of sadness, disappointment, and shock at people's selfishness, narrow-mindedness, and yes stupidity. The lack of consideration for each other, especially our overworked and unappreciated healthcare workers who now suffer from mental and physical trauma is heartbreaking. Depression and suicide rates are at an all time high, nurses have walked away in droves from the job they so loved. Many have died from contracting the virus on the job. Human beings are supposed to be the highest, most evolved living species on earth. If that's really true, I think we're in serious trouble because we're not only destroying our planet but each other as well. But hey, what do I know? This is just my opinion after all. I just hope I can reclaim my rose-tinted glasses about my fellow man and life at some point before I have to actually leave this earth. 🌎 My Journey Continues I know I've been a buzzkill in this post, but I had to say my piece about things, ranting a bit here and there I'm sure, but it was therapeutic for me….Saved me a bundle from seeing a real shrink! So thank you all for the session. Now, I can put this pandemic and my feelings about it behind me, where I hope it stays. In my next post, which should be in about a week or two, I'll be back on my actual mission…taking you on my journey with Crohn's Disease. I'll resume from when I returned from the trip to Disneyland, Florida with my family. Those of you who need to catch up or refresh your memory, better get to reading the previous blogs.

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